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Tour Through the Southwest: Steamboat

This week Angel Fire Vodka visits Steamboat Springs, CO. Yes, Steamboat Springs has given rise to more winter Olympians than any other U.S. city (88), but we want to focus on a lesser-known fact - Steamboat Spring's honor as Dog Town, USA. Here, there is 1 dog for every 4 people and man's best friend enjoys the good life as much as his / her owner. Point in fact, in Steamboat you will see dogs doing everything from riding kayaks to eating at outdoor cafes to manning stores (maybe not "manning" per se but hanging out at the cash register). The Medical Center actually has a dog whose official responsibility is to "cuddle" patients. Even the local car wash has a special dog washing section for those eager multi-taskers. I think you get the point. Steamboat Springs has a "dog first" philosophy and we think it's a beautiful thing.


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