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Tour Through the Southwest: Colorado Springs

This week Angel Fire Vodka is visiting the beautiful city of Colorado Springs. Not only do we have Colorado Springs to thank for the greatest basketball coach of all-time (Greg Popovich, US Air Force Academy, Class of 1970), but we also owe this town a nod for playing a pivotal role in the modern day application of a little thing called electricity...

It is in Colorado Springs in 1899 that the mad genius, Nikola Tesla, set up his notorious experimental station to study the possibility of transferring electricity without the use of wires. He chose Colorado Springs because of its high altitude and thinner air. Not to get too technical, but the findings from these experiments, which produced shocks and sparks all over the streets of Colorado Springs, are critical to the current understanding of wireless power transmission - which is what we use today to power smart cards, pacemakers, refrigerators, electric cars, and much more. Tesla also believed that he made contact with aliens through one of his electrical transmitters while at the station - maybe he did, maybe didn't - but either way Colorado Springs was cool then and is cool now.

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