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Tour Through the Southwest: Denver

This week, Angel Fire Vodka is visiting the mile-high city of Denver, CO. There are honestly a ton of things we can say about this town. Yes, Denver spawned artistic icons like David Fincher (Fight Club, House of Cards) and Trey Parker (South Park, The Book of Mormon). In addition, Denver formally invented the cheeseburger in 1935. However, the most interesting fact about Denver is this: Denver is the only city in history to actually turn down the Olympics. In 1976, Denver was the top contender for the Winter Olympics, but an unprecedented 62% of state voters elected not to host the most prestigious competition in the world. Why? because they did not want to burden the town with the inevitable cost, pollution, and population boom that the Olympics would bring.

Clearly, the people of Denver didn't need international prominence to tell them their town was (and is) special, they knew it along.

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