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A Tour Through the Southwest: Aspen

In 1936, a 6-passenger boat tow, powered by an old mine hoist and truck engine, is built at the base of Aspen Mountain. This humble contraption marked the beginning of skiing in Aspen, Colorado ushering in the quick transformation of a mining town into a skiing mecca.

In honor of Aspen's proletarian beginnings, Angel Fire Vodka's drink to Aspen is called The Silver Miner.

The Silver Miner


2 parts Angel Fire Vodka

1 part Muddled Blackberries

1/2 part Simple Syrup

1 part Tonic Water


1. Muddle Blackberries in a highball glass.

2. Combine with Angel Fire Vodka, Simple Syrup, and Tonic Water.

3. Garnish with mint sprigs.

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